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Recruitment for Wuxingda
The future is far away, let's walk hand in hand! Your joining, my anticipation!
Position Recruitment quantity Speciality Education
Office Clerk 3 No limit No limit

Job responsibilities:

1. Policy collection and uploading;

2. Material collection and organization;

3. Material compilation and binding;

4. Material submission and tracking;

5. Archive management and statistics, regularly completing reconciliation work with clients;

6. Receive company sales orders, track and track shipment status;

7. Responsible for assisting in other administrative arrangements;



1. College degree or above, with or without experience

2. Serious and responsible work, proactive and proactive

3. Work meticulously and rigorously, with good communication skills and team spirit

Inspector 2 No limit No limit

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product quality inspection on the production line

2. Responsible for filling out and saving inspection reports;

3. Timely reporting of product abnormalities, identification and traceability of defective products;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors



1. More than one year of relevant work experience;

2. Able to operate computer office software;

3. Good teamwork spirit and execution ability, strong sense of work responsibility.

Front line production employees 8 No limit No limit

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for outdoor operation of the company's equipment;

2. Responsible for the safety of the production site and promptly stop any violations on site;

3. Participate in the company's regular inspections and solve problems during the normal production process;

4. Obey the instructions of the main operator and the team leader in production, and keep operation records as required;

5. Responsible for the execution of process indicators, timely adjustment of production status of the device, and ensuring that all control indicators are within the specified range;

6. Optimize operational plans, promptly solve problems that arise during production, and propose corresponding improvement measures;

7. Responsible for 6S hygiene management at the production site;

8. Collaborate with professional engineers to carry out daily maintenance work.



1. Education level is not limited;

2. Serious and responsible in work, good at communication, outgoing personality;

3. Priority will be given to those with relevant experience.

Salesperson 5 No limit No limit

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for market development and maintenance of existing markets within one's own region;

2. Regularly communicate and follow up with dealers;

3. Carry out daily market research work

4. Assist dealers in sales and promotion work;

5. Other temporary work arranged by the leader



1. College degree or above

2. Serious and responsible in work, good at communication, outgoing personality;

3. Able to adapt to business trips